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10 Things to do While laid up in bed

My prowess was unmatched or so I thought. Easily I picked my wife up and showed her how "she's not fat" by full squatting her body weight.

My heel inching dangerously closer to the dog's water bowl. Until CRAck! My heel went west, my knee east.

    1. Write More on NotePD!

    2. See how many times I can annoy my dog before he ignores me.

    3. Practice delegating

    I'm horrible at asking for help or having someone else do something, "I can do myself".

    4. Make an idea list for scenes/worlds

    5. Call/Text/Email people I've lost touch with

    6. Catch up on fun reading

    Reading is a love-hate relationship. I feel guilty reading for pure pleasure b/c I'm still behind on X,Y,Z,F . . .

    7. Send pictures to loved ones

    Send pictures to loved ones that only they and you would know about.

    8. Destruction/Bonding

    Kids marvel when you let them do something seemingly taboo. Since we're repainting soon tell my kid he can draw on all the walls and we'll play tic-tac-toe.

    9. Gun Fight

    Make loadable dog treat nerf gun rounds and watch Yoshi go crazy

    10. Prank Call Spammers with my kids

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