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Matt Ventre


10 Things to Do With a Basement Bonus Room


I have one. It's semi-finished. And it kind of looks like a lounge/club room.

    1. Two Leather Chairs and a Two-Person Game Table

    Something to play backgammon, go, chess, or other two-person brain-powered games while sipping a seltzer.

    2. A Single Overhead Light Fixture

    This could be something simple or maybe add a little flair to the space. Something that accentuates any activity or gathering going on.

    3. Add a Standing "Back Bar" Area For Guests

    If it turns into a more social space, adding a small rail along the back wall provides for a place for guests to place their beverages and also "lean" in while talking about things.

    4. Books and Games

    It should double as a quiet reading room from time to time. Having a few nice bookshelves will provide the space with a scholarly atmosphere.

    5. A Vintage Wall Hanging

    I have a very cool, antique original tobacco ad painting which will go really well with the motif.

    6. Something Wild: Poker Table or a Blackjack table

    Games of chance with friends (not poker, but blackjack for sure) are always a good time and would be a nice addition to the room. The challenge is having something either modularized or small enough to accommodate the space.

    7. An Espresso Bar

    Coffee on 2/3 levels of my house sounds like a good idea.

    8. Nice Audio and Soundproofing

    Because 1) talking with guests can disturb those upstairs and 2) I'm probably going to turn the adjacent room into a music practice space.

    9. A Handmade Custom Wooden Table

    I can also build a nice table myself that fits the space exactly and then I can use a modular tabletop approach to allow for multi-purpose activities.

    10. A Wood Stove

    There used to be one there apparently years ago, and so I could make use of the existing flue and have a really cozy reading/game den and also heat a good portion of the rest of the house.

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