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10 things to include as part of your night time routine for better rest

    1. No blue light

    If you have to use your computer or smartphone, you can enable gray settings or use an app like fl.ux to remove the blue light.

    2. Nothing intense

    Don't play bullet chess. Don't read exciting suspense novels. Don't do anything strenuous.

    3. Get into bed early

    Since it takes time to fall asleep, it makes sense to get into bed earlier.

    4. Read something light

    Not only can you get some reading in, but you also put away your device. Light poetry or some fiction can be great reads before bedtime (but nothing too exciting)

    5. A cold shower

    Your body prefers a slightly cool bedroom. If it's too hot then you won't fall asleep as quickly. A cold shower helps you to get into that temperature.

    6. Block out all light

    Close the curtains, turn off the lights. If you have to have the lights on, I prefer dimmed lighting (for books).

    Neil Pasricha says he has a red headlamp that he uses to read at night so that he doesn't disturb his wife.

    7. Make yourself a calming tea

    Tim Ferriss recommends tea with california poppy seed extract. There's a variety of night time teas at the supermarket - find one that helps you get to bed (chamomile, or anything herbal without caffeine). And don't drink it too close to your bedtime.

    8. No screens

    Robin Sharma recommends no screens 3 hours before bed time. It's a long time but again, it's to avoid the blue light.

    9. Light chores

    One thing I like to do is do some light chores at night. Sometimes that's laundry. Other times it's dishes. Just make sure it's not strenuous. Bonus, you get a little cleaner place in the morning.

    10. Write out your task list for the next day

    Sometimes, you may feel anxious for the next day. Write it all down (your to do list and your anxieties). Get it out on paper and out of your head. Then once it's on paper, forget about them.
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