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10 things to keep in mind when you're learning something new

I recently had to train for something. Here are my observations.

    1. Everybody is bad at the beginning

    2. It's painful when you start

    3. There are people who want you to succeed

    And if people want to put you down when you're in a learning stage, well, that just means there's something wrong with them!

    4. If you really want to learn something, you'll be "pulled" to it

    You'll be thinking about it, and you'll be compelled to do the work.

    5. Take some breaks

    It's in your off hours when you think about the things you learned. Like when you're off on a walk, our just lying in bed.

    6. The pain period is essential to becoming a master

    You have to go through this.

    7. Mistakes will happen

    Hasard Lee talked about this recently in his interview with @JamesAltucher.

    8. Celebrate the small wins.

    This was a thing I heard @jamesaltucher say before.

    9. Review

    Like in school, but for yourself

    10. Use your other skills to learn a new one

    @JamesAltucher talks about this in Skip The Line

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