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10 things to know about driving in the countryside

    1. Tractors

    You'll often find yourself on the road in a queue behind a tractor. Some people will try to overtake when they're in a rush and it's not always safe. Better to err on the side of caution.

    2. Changeable weather

    Within a few miles, the weather can change from fine to misty. People don't always drive according to prevailing conditions. But they should!

    3. Fast drivers

    Some car drivers think that country lanes are a race track. We've had several near death experiences when a car has overtaken on the opposite side of the road when the gap between oncoming traffic (i.e. us) was too small. I now think ahead to anticipate the boy racers.

    4. Speed cameras

    The police and local communities are hot on speeding. Each village has a crew of locals who man the speed cameras. The police set up mobile cameras on a rota around the area. Always worth sticking to the speed limit.

    5. Unexpected hazards

    There are countless bends, twists and turns in the roads and narrow lanes. You could turn a corner and find a pheasant, deer or cow in your way. There could be farm slurry off the back of a tractor. You always have to anticipate the unexpected.

    6. Closed roads

    Roads are often closed due to roadworks. You can be diverted down the narrowest of lanes which often causes jams when they're single track.

    7. Single track roads

    There are lots of these. Sometimes with not many passing spaces. Reversing back is the order of the day!

    8. Petrol can be expensive

    In some places petrol is 10p/litre more.

    9. Fewer cars on the road

    Despite some of the hazards, generally roads are quieter with fewer cars.

    10. Slow down and enjoy the views

    Some people tear around the countryside. It's nice to take your time a little and appreciate what's around you.
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