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Katie Ulrych


10 Things to Look Forward to

    1. Discovering more sources of income

    I never thought I would have 5 sources of income. I do. I am no where close to a million dollars but I was able to buy some dresses yesterday.

    2. Spring Break

    Spring Break is 2 days away! I am going to be dog/house sitting and I will be able to discover a new neighborhood. It also helps me with my anxiety.

    3. Spring Time

    It's spring. It's almost 70 today!! I live in a basement of a friends house in order to save money and I won't be cold anymore. It will be more to my advantage to be there.

    4. I can watch Bridgerton tonight

    I just started watching. I had amazon show me something new and I decided I would watch it no matter what. I love history and don't like much stuff that goes off of it. I did not want to get into this show. I am sooo into it.

    5. My Ankle Healing

    I want to get back into running.

    6. My hair is growing out

    I got a really short hair cut last summer and it's almost at a bob haircut length.

    7. Spending time with Family

    I get to spend time with my family for my nephews birthday and easter this saturday! I am so excited.

    8. I am in the mood to spring clean

    Isn't it the best feeling to spring clean. I am so excited to do it. I think I will do it today.

    9. I have my teaching certificate and apply to more jobs now

    I could even teach at international schools. If you send your kid to a parochial school... please give the teachers really nice gifts. They get paid less than nannies.


    I am going :)

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