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10 things to make some extra $

First 10 ideas list. I thought I'd do something easy but actually this might be difficult. I'm excited to see how much easier this will become over time. Here we go:

    1. Surveys

    Might not be a ton of cash, but is something I can do while I'm sitting on the couch doing nothing, anyways.

    2. Mystery Shopping

    I've never done this, but I've heard other people have had some success. Maybe...

    3. Cashback / Scanning Receipts

    Why not? I don't know.

    4. Sell Templates on Gumroad

    I've heard people do this. I wouldn't know where to begin though.

    5. Sell Templates on Etsy

    This is starting to get harder... I know, I know, I'm stretching here.

    6. Doordash

    Yeah, I really wouldn't particularly want to do this. But hey, it's an option and it fits on this idea list.

    7. NotePD Premium Post

    I'm thinking and trying here, and I just saw the premium post option on the side of the screen. 😭

    8. Pet Sitting

    Is this still a thing? I feel like there's an app for this...

    9. Affiliate Links

    I'd need a following for this and to be honest I'm a certified nobody on social media. So, there's that. But I know people do this- heck, I've clicked an affiliate link or two. Get your bag, people.

    10. YouTube Monetization

    I've made it! 10 ideas. Wow, this has been more difficult than I thought it would be. Last but not least, start a YouTube channel and get that thing monetized. AdSense $ for the win! I think... maybe...

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