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10 Things To Make Your Home More Comfortable And Cosy

With more people working from home lately, some may find it difficult to decompress or relax. Maybe some of these ideas could help.

    1. Ambient Lighting

    You could also add adjustable lighting by installing a slider type light switch and bulbs to certain rooms to create a more comfortable environment.

    2. Get an Oil Diffuser

    I don't have one, but people that do, swear by them. Some can also work as a humidifier and some have LED lights so you can have the room dark when you use it.

    3. Get some candles

    Candles: candles provide both light and ambiance, setting the mood in a room. They can also be used for aromatherapy, providing a pleasant smell to the air.

    4. Shearling Blankets

    Shearling blankets: A shearling blanket is a type of blanket that is made from sheepskin. The wool is typically shorn from the sheep and then the hide is tanned to make it soft and supple.

    5. Slippers

    It's not good to walk around hard floors barefooted everyday, or so I have been told as it could contribute to foot issues over time. I have close to 20 different ones (I'm OCD) some are softer, some are more durable, some are padded, others are for the shower and a few are for outside.

    6. Add a Fireplace (if you already do not have one)

    Fireplace: A fireplace not only provides warmth but also creates a focal point in any room.

    7. Paint some rooms

    Maybe you have had the same paint job in your home for too long. Look at painting some rooms differently with some soothing colors or peaceful, happy colors.

    8. Repurpose a room or space

    You might have a room that isn't being utilized, or holding storage of some type. Maybe you have space in the garage, attic or basement that could be changed into a small living space. You might have a porch in the front and or back of your home that could be altered to be a nice relaxing spot for you or a small group to enjoy.

    9. Change your lightbulbs

    I was in a fairly nice house (million dollar neighborhood) and almost all of the lighting was the spec lighting most builders use. Some people don't put much thought into lighting but it makes a huge difference in your home. For example, in the foyer area, it was hard to see when it was dark outside and the lighting didn't help at all. Same with the bathroom. Change some to LED's some are natural light, some are soft white and some are brighter than others. It can really add to the look and feel of a room. Plus the newer LED lights are not as bad on the eyes.

    10. Weighted Blankets

    I tried one. It feels amazing. I don't use it much, but others have told me that it helps lower stress levels, anxiety and even insomnia. I do know it warms you up almost immediately and there is no worry of any buttons or electricity like those heated blankets.
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