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10 Things To Make Your Home More Comfortable And Cosy

Disclosure - I have no idea how to decorate

    1. Paint and Decorate the Walls

    Things you like. Have a few things that no one else you know has up. Thrift stores are a great place to find art (it is expensive new!). Some local libraries will let you check out art.

    2. Plants

    Indoor and Outdoor. Read that feng shui says no plants in the bedroom? Don't get too many until you can prove to keep them alive!

    3. Avoid Clutter

    Remove before adding. A neat home brings peace. Clutter brings stress. Unless you are the type of person who can handle the chaos.

    4. Keep it Clean

    The less things you have, the easier to clean. Even if you only have 20 min, you can get a lot done. If you can afford it, hire someone to clean on a regular basis. Quarterly is better than neverly!

    5. Invite People over

    Get their opinion on decorating if you don't have a clue. Or go look at apps for inspiration. If you know others are coming, you will keep your house clean.

    6. Have a nice outdoor area

    Does not need to be large. Even a balcony. A place to sit, read, admire nature, or a city. Doesn't fresh air and sunshine make you feel better?

    7. Comfortable Furniture

    Stick to the basics. Bed, Couch, chair, table to eat. If on a budget, it is really surprising how good Amazon mattresses are now.

    8. Books

    Put them everywhere. That's the only clutter I'm ok with. In different rooms. Coffee Table books. Fiction. Non-fiction. Read a few pags now and then. Great decoration.

    9. Board Games

    Chess set? Those silly games that they have at a Cracker Barrel when you sit down? Dominoes. Monopoly? Can be used as decoration.

    10. Maintain the Exterior (if you have one to care for)

    Mow the lawn. Trim the hedges. Keep it simple, so not much maintenance needed.

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