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10 Things to Never, Ever Do With Someone You're Dating

Let's face it, the sad truth is that most romantic relationships fail. That is a statistical fact. Therefore, it's best to think twice before engaging in any of the following activities with someone unless you get married (you might even think twice about some of these things in that case as well).

    1. Get a pet together.

    Here's what is going to happen. You're going to get a dog, you'll invest months, maybe years, caring for and loving the dog, and then...you break up. Who is going to win custody of little Fido? You bet this one is not going to end well. You're welcome to your own pets, but don't share one with a romantic partner.

    2. Get a tattoo of the other person's name.

    You realize tattoos are permanent, right?

    3. Sign up for a joint Facebook page.

    LOL at those "oh-so-cute" couples who sign up for a couple-branded Facebook page ("Jim and Jill's Page") where they post all their cute activities together for the world to see...and then they break up.

    4. Get in an online/social media fight for everyone to see.

    Not only is it a bad look, but unless you delete your account or posts those fights get to last forever online.

    5. Get a joint checking/savings/credit account.

    Your money is yours; your partner's money is theirs. End of discussion.

    6. Start a business together.

    If you think it's going to be hard to decide who gets to keep Fido the Dog, imagine how difficult it is going to be to decide who takes over the business. Even worse, will you have to dissolve it? Or worse than that, will you be forced to continue to work every day with this person?

    7. Get into a professional/business relationship with members of your significant other's family.

    This will simply be awkward after the breakup. Especially if you're working with their parents.

    8. Sign a joint mortgage.

    Like sharing a business, it won't be fun deciding who gets to keep the house, if it should be sold, or my favorite...deciding who has to sleep on the couch because you're forced to live with this person until you get a new place.

    9. Get engaged even though you're unsure about marriage with this person.

    As Derek Sivers would say, if it's not a "hell yeah" then just don't do it.

    10. Have kids.

    You are welcome to ruin each other's lives all you want, but don't bring new humans into this world and ruin theirs. Only have kids when you're married, period.

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