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10 things to plan for for Q2 2024

Interesting: when I asked ChatGPT4 to make a collage image for this it created its own prompt. I just prompted "Make a collage of this" and pasted in this list. ChatGPT 4 produced this:


For this collage, we'll visualize a workspace that embodies the process of planning and executing diverse creative projects for Q2 2024. The image will feature elements that symbolize the ten key objectives, blending them into a coherent and inspiring workspace scene.

Here's a detailed description for creating the collage: Imagine a large, modern desk viewed from above, bathed in soft, ambient light. On the desk, there's a high-quality microphone set up next to a sleek, professional video camera, symbolizing the setup for an efficient video workflow. Adjacent to this setup, we see an open laptop displaying a sophisticated software interface with tabs labeled "Idea Catcher," "Video Planner," "Podcast Planner," "Book Planner," and more, each tab having sub-windows for CNC drawings, festival planning, and a contacts/calendar integration. The corner of the desk holds a neatly stacked pile of manuscript pages with "Triads Book" visible on the top page, next to a guitar resting on its stand, hinting at the upcoming guitar book videos. Another area of the desk showcases draft pages with pentatonic scale illustrations, video storyboards for product development, and a synthesizer alongside notes for a synthesizer video and book. Finally, there's a large planner or storyboard outlining the course trajectory for Torus Head Studios and a personal learning plan, featuring diverse educational pathways and goals.

This scene merges the conceptual with the tangible, creating a visual narrative of planning, creativity, and productivity for the upcoming quarter.

    1. Set up video workflow so that I can just press record

    2. Software as a service for creation schedule

    Include idea catcher, todo list, video planner, podcast planner, book planner, software planner, artwork planner, construction planner. Should be able to cover cnc drawings, festival planning. What are the common elements (make a list of these) also contacts and calendars. What are the domain driven design prrinciples.

    3. Publish triads book

    It won’t be perfect: make it happen

    4. Make videos for guitar books to advertise them

    5. Start work on pentatonics book

    6. Complete product development videos

    7. Make at least one synthesizer video

    8. Begin writing book on synthesizers

    9. Develop course trajectory and education planning for torus head studios

    10. Develop learning plan for myself

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