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10 things to spend $400 Amazon gift cards on

I feel like this is a challenge to spend it wisely.

    1. Tarot stickers

    Bought. I pull cards for myself every day but I don't record it and report back on it. I want to get in the habit. Reading the cards flips a switch inside of me. It makes me feel more connected. I never really believed in them before but I do a bit more now.

    2. Workout dress

    Bought. I asked my sister what I should get to wear on my trip she said spandex. Let's try it out.

    3. Warm lights

    Bought.I live in a basement that has fluorescent lighting. Ouch. I bought some light's.

    4. Space heater

    I am working towards moving out of the basement but if it hits October and I'm still there. It's saved in the cart.

    5. The adventure challenge book- friend edition

    For having a fun friend summer!

    6. Ear wax removal kit but for ears and splinters

    It has a magnificent camera that hooks up to your phone. A mom had it this year. She found the tiniest of splinters.

    7. Ankle Brace

    Bought.I just keep skipping everywhere.. I haven't learned yet. Just resprained my ankle. Uggggggggggh!

    8. Fun Shamrock Skirt

    I try to Ms.Frizzle it as much as I can.

    9. Hot Seat-board game

    I am a sucker for a good conversation game.

    10. Fast Bar

    Back to the Keto Code diet. My ankle felt amazing on the diet. Inflammation was way down. Sure most of it was time but I need this ankle to heal fast.

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