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Bill Bergeman


10 Things to Stop RIGHT NOW

    1. Complaining.

    There's never been a complaint in the history of mankind that was effective in achieving a positive outcome.

    2. Procrastinating.

    If not now, when?

    3. Worrying.

    You know who profits from worry? Insurance companies. You know who else? No one.

    4. Regretting.

    How many times have you been able to change the past by sitting around wishing things were different?

    5. Disrespecting.

    How many friends have you made by going through life being insulting?

    6. Coasting.

    If you think you can live a worthwhile life, a life worth living, a life that someone would want to write and read about, by doing the minimum required...then good luck.

    7. Hiding.

    The choice is clear. You can let your fears keep you in a comfortable hiding place, safe from the world and any risk of pain; or you can come out, lift your head to the sun, and proudly walk through life as the person you have always wanted to be.

    8. Overthinking.

    Think through the minimum you need to get started, and then GO.

    9. Arguing.

    Respectful debate is healthy. Arguing is your ego trying to prove you're better than everyone else. Is the outcome worth it?

    10. Waiting.

    If you want it, if you obsess over it, if you desire it more than anything else...then what are you waiting for?

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