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10 things we can do with empty malls

I went to a local mall with my parents today, and I was shocked by how empty it was. The malls of my memory are filled to the brim with stores and people, and I have so many memories of hanging around the mall and eating pretzels as a tween/teen. But, it's a different era now, and apparently malls across the US are closing their doors. Here are some ideas for what we can do with all that empty space.

    1. Apartments

    We have a massive shortage in housing, so why not convert the commercial space into residential space.

    2. Co-working Spaces

    Plenty of space, low infrastructure costs... seems like an easy switch.

    3. Office Space

    This isn't really a traditional use for malls, but the transition to offices would be easy.

    4. Warehouse Space

    Or maybe some sort of "factory outlet". This could be especially advantageous for companies that need to make overnight shipments, since malls are often near metropolitan areas.

    5. Space for Flagship Stores

    This probably has a very limited use case.

    6. Schools or Universities

    This could help with satellite campuses, or even live meeting places for online universities or courses.

    7. Dealerships

    Dealerships require a lot of space, so maybe this could work.

    8. Community halls/YMCA space

    Instead of all this space sitting empty, maybe a local town could rent it out at a discount rate and have space for community clubs or events.

    9. Gyms

    A better ventilation system might need to be installed, but this could definitely work.

    10. Escape the Room Games

    These are all the rage, and they do require a great deal of space.

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