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10 Things You Are Grateful For in Life

This is what I'm greatful for now. In no particular order, here we go.

    1. My family

    After reading about death before sleeping last night (I wouldn't recommend). I dreamt that my dad was dying. I woke up scared, but as I began to awake I realised how lucky I am that it was just a dream. I try my best to always be there for my family. Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes, maybe this is a sign to drop what doesn't matter so I have more time to focus on what does.

    2. My blanket

    This isn't a comfort blanket, it's a throw for the sofa. But right now it's keeping me warm and it does make me feel safer for some reason. Nice feeling to have before I go to bed.

    3. YouTube

    I love to learn and YouTube might be where I learn the most. I've been learning about the history of amusement parks through Defunctland and now I'm learning cinematography through Nerdwriter1 videos. I love learning, like this. I should try and take what I love from these videos and see how I can implement them in my own videos.

    4. My friends

    They're currently talking about what makes a good burger (i personality am happy with just the buns and meat patty). It's weird that that should bring happiness, its a pointless conversation. I've noticed that a lot of the happiness from friends doesn't come from big events, it's from these small events that go by unnoticed most of the time. I'll try and appreciate these moments more when I notice them. When they're gone, they'll be missed.

    5. Books

    I've just finished 'Solve for happy' great book. The same book I was reading yesterday about death. What I learnt from that has and will continue to improve my life. All the books I've read have had an impact for the better. To continue to learn and grow has gave my life meaning.

    6. My job

    I've been working myself to exhaustion lately. I've had no time to myself. I've felt close to breaking and I'm overqualified for the job that I do, so why am I greatful for it? Because I have it. I went through a long time of being jobless. I've had jobs I've hated. This might be tiring, but it's easy and I get on well with my workmates. I can invest the money in to one of my project ideas. They might not work, but as long as I learn from my mistakes it'll be worth it.

    7. My health

    Whilst others are scared of covid, I'm not. I keep myself healthy and feel great and free as a result. If I was sick I'd give anything to feel how I feel now. I don't have to give up anything, I just have to be.

    8. Music

    I'm currently listening to 'The Menzingers'. Whenever I do it takes me back to the start of the covid pandemic, when I was in China. I had sneeked to my friends house where I cooked dinner and we all played games, partied and watched TV. At the end of the night I walked home in the snow (as there wasn't any taxis at that point in time),listening to my music. It was beautiful. I felt at peace, only me. Silence apart from my headphones. It took over an hour to get home, but I was happy every step of the way. I left China soon after and was quickly back into another lockdown in the UK. When I listen to these songs I get transported back to the peace I felt then.

    9. Dinner

    I managed to eat before the glass in the oven exploded. It destroyed my roommates dinner, but I'm greatful that I managed to have mine.

    10. Sleep

    I've been waking up early the last few days, but tonight I'll sleep as long as I like. I have no work tomorrow. I can finally work on my own projects. Sleep is my way of saying thanks to my brain and body for working hard for me. Thanks guys, you've earned it.

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