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10 Things You Are Grateful For in Life

Instead of the usual (family friends health etc) i'm going to make my list those difficult gratitude problems

    1. Financial Scarcity

    WHen you don't have a lot of money, you really boil down what is important and necessary in life and you find out things you might not have learned about yourself with the constraint.

    2. Small Dwelling

    Living in a small place, you naturally can't accumulate junk and clutter and as a result i've come to treasure what's important enough to keep and enjoy the minimalist nature of it.

    3. Living in Hometown

    Seen so many friends move away but have foundational relationships with those who i've know all my life that i wouldn't trade anything for.

    4. Toyota Prius

    I live and work in the same town and have a car that get 50 mpg. I feel for those feeling the squeeze at the pumps but for me and my limited commute it has been a less than 5$ a month increase in gas consumption.

    5. Taxes

    Not because i love paying them or think my government is super efficient and practical in spending my money, but it forces me once a year to look at my finances, my investment and see where i'm spending frivolously, over leveraged or underexposed investment wise.

    6. Living in New England

    getting to experience 4 seasons even though i don't love the cold makes me appreciate the summers and nice weather. Makes me appreciate the colors of spring summer and fall and makes me appreciate the cyclical and passing nature of life.

    7. Having all 5 senses

    My eyesight and sense of smell could be better be all my joy in life is derived from the touching, tasting, seeing, smelling breathing in and out and hearing the tunes of life.

    8. Solitude

    Been an only child, and been single most of my life and while i love companionship i've learned to be extremely comfortable and content being by myself. I've seen friends and family who struggle to be alone even for a day and I'm just so grateful that I feel at peace with myself.

    9. Cold Showers

    I hate and dread every second of every one I take. But it puts all other tasks and decisions throughout the day through a no big deal filter. Nothing will be more challenging or test your ability to persevere more than stepping into a stream of ice cold water even for 15 seconds. Need to give a speech in front of hundreds, need to challenge and negotiate a big deal, etc etc. it all seems easy and not daunting compared to the prospect of just a few seconds to a minute under some cold water. And like exercise, the other thing i hate doing, i awlays feel better after I did it no matter what. ANd yet still i hate and dread doing it every day despite that.

    Oh and i hate coffee so it helps get the juices flowing for the day. Don't talk to me until i've had my cold shower.

    10. Cooking

    As much as i love eating out, im grateful that i'm a really good cook because it makes the task of saving money by eating in a lot more enjoyable.

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