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10 things you can do for a love one to show your appreciation

    1. Give them flowers

    Yes, both genders appreciate flowers

    2. Find a chore they don't like doing and do it for them. Don't tell them.

    Laundry, dishes, cleaning the bathroom

    3. Cook breakfast for them

    Bonus - you get to wake up early and work on your morning routine.

    4. Order takeout one day

    Preferably on a day of the week when they are struggling for ideas on what to make for food

    5. If you have kids, take the kids and give them a day to themselves

    6. Purchase two copies of a book they like to read

    Read it with them. Discuss. Ask questions.

    7. Look through a cookbook together and note which recipes look interesting to them

    Then make it the next time.

    8. Note down something that they need or want

    They might say they need a new water bottle or mug. Find a chance to buy it for them.

    9. Write a card

    Doesn't have to be a special occasion, just write a card and tell them how much you appreciate them

    10. Take them out for a nice dinner

    Go somewhere nice. Dress nice. Take pictures. Find that 'date' magic you used to have.

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