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10 things you can do other than an MBA

    1. Most people do an MBA and want to get into management consulting or investment banking

    Why not jump directly into management consulting or investment banking?

    2. Go on LinkedIn and write about something you are passionate about and is related to work

    Build up a network that way by connecting with folks

    3. Start a business

    Even a small business can teach you a lot

    4. Work for a startup

    Similar to starting a business, it can teach you a lot about what it takes to get a business off the ground

    5. Purchase an existing business

    6. Teach business classes

    Teaching the business classes give you access to the curriculum and lets you learn better (because you learn by teaching)

    7. Do angel investing

    That's how Tim Ferriss got ahead - instead of doing his MBA, he decided to use the money he would have spent on angel investing and learning that way

    8. Read one hundred books on business

    Find books on entrepreneurship, strategy, leadership, communication, product and project management, and more. Read them. Distill them into your own takeaways.

    9. Audit classes

    Best thing is you get to only take the classes you're interested in / want to learn from

    10. Find online equivalents

    It's what Scott Young did - he found a mix of online classes to build his own degree

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