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10 Things You Dislike / Find Challenging About Applying For A Job or Recruiting A New Team Member

I hate applying for jobs.  Here's why.

    1. Online applications

    Upload your CV then fill in a new form imputing everything that's in your CV.  It's pointless.

    2. Online Questionnaire

    After spending age's re entering all your CV info into their online process you get to the questionnaire.  Multiple choice questions to determine if all you've entered will ever be seen by another human.

    And it's not just a simple 5minute thing.  The questionnaire itself can take over an hour to do.  After all that time you'd expect a human to review everything and get back to you in a few days, but no.  A computer scan's your answers and instantly hits back with 'unfortunatly you don't have the skills we are looking for.  Try again in 6 month's ' 6 month's? I need a job now!  Surely the questionnaire should come first.  Or a 10 minute one that will give the computer a brief Idea if you're a good match.  

    It can easily take 2 hours to get to the refection level.  Complete waste of time.

    3. Interview question

    Why do you want to work here?

    Because I want to make money.  Every other answer is a lie.  Yet that's who gets the job, liers.

    Seriously if you won the lottery would you be working for them for the 'amazing opertunity to enhance your skills' ? Of course you wouldn't.

    What happens when people learn that lieing is the way forward?  Is that really who you want working for you?

    4. Experience

    They all insist on experience.  We're looking for someone with 4 years experience of X.  You then eventually get the job and what does the first month consist of?  Training.

    Every job.

    What's the point in limiting the candidate's to those with experience if you're going to train them anyway?  What if there experience is well beyond your training?  Should they be better or go back to basics and follow the training?

    5. Job centre

    The job centre is supposed to help people find work and give them the money to get by until they find work.  Unfortunately they are all crap at their jobs.  They all seem to think they're job is to restrict payment for these people and find out how they don't deserve the benefits.  I've heard them laughing about how many people they've sanctioned.  It's disgusting.

    You also have to apply for a bunch of jobs every day.  After a certain point your applying for jobs you've already applied to, or you would if it wasn't for the online process restricting you until the 6months are up.  So you can tell the truth 'i've applied for everything I can do and as a result I couldn't find anything else to apply for ' and get sanctioned, or lie and push the narrative that there's far more jobs out there than there really is and get paid.

    They also 'help you find work ' by sticking you on Micky Mouse courses and Slave Labour 'work experience '. The course's consist of learning how to write a great CV.  Yet ever course insists that the CV from the previous course is useless and 'no wonder you haven't found work with this ' and we spend week's rewriting it.  The slave labour consists of working for maybe a month, with no pay to gain 'experience'. Companies get free labour, so why would they then hire and pay folks when they can just as easily be heros and help give more people in need experience?

    6. Cover letter

    You're expected to write a new letter for every job you apply for.  If you're applying for professional jobs, fair enough there's a good chance you'll get to the interview process for all of them.  But when it's for minimum wage work there's really no need.  Just more timewasting.

    7. Good grades

    I was under the impression that good grades/a degree would lead to better job opportunities.  It doesn't.  What leads to better jobs is knowing people.  Instead of wasting your time getting smarter, talk to people.  One may have an opportunity for you or know someone who does.

    Almost everyone I know with a good job got it from someone they knew ,not from smarts.

    8. Computer Skills

    I've got a degree in Computer Animation with Multimedia, but they still expect me to list that I can use word.  Not in any technical sense, just that I can resize Fonts and hit ctrl + b to make it bold.

    Every 30 year old and younger can do this and more.  It comes to us like breathing.  Unless you want someone to use a non default program just assume we know how to use it.

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