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10 Things You Have Learned In The Past 5 Years

    1. People that you think you know well can change dramatically

    2. Other people that you know seem to be the same 20 and 30 years later

    3. There is so much content being created every day it is extremely difficult to get noticed on the internet without an audience or advertising or both

    4. I learned how to do intermittent fasting and changed my food habits to lose and maintain a weight loss of 95 pounds.

    5. Write down 10 ideas day to flex your creativity muscle. Thanks James, this works!

    6. I learned about Wishbass and turned 3 of them into playable instruments


    7. Learned to use and deploy Laravel using Forge

    8. Somebody recommended that you should never hesitate to buy a book. I have found that this is good advice and I have purchased books, read books, and pay for subscriptions. This is building the mulch of my general knowledge.

    9. I learned that you cannot force or convince somebody else to do anything that they don’t want to do.

    10. i’ve gotten much better at maintaining inner peace without medication through difficult times. Trying to live in the moment.

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