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10 Things You Have Learned In The Past 5 Years

    1. Don't be honest

    People say they want honesty but you never know how private information can be used against you. Better to not share.

    2. Nobody cares about you

    You need to be a bit more selfish when it comes to things like your career, your money, your life, your home. People generally don't have your best interests at heart.

    3. People care less about you than you think

    That post on LinkedIn or that video on IG - yeah people watch it but it's not going to be as great or as bad as you probably think.

    4. Earn more money, spend less money and then invest the difference is the way to get rich

    5. There are lots of ways to make money

    Find one that you don't feel like is work.

    6. Re-reading the best of what you have read is better than trying to read more books

    7. If you pay for a course, a book, or a teacher, get the maximum out of those resources. Ask questions, re-read it, take notes, re-read those notes.

    8. Always be applying to different jobs.

    And if you meet even 50% of the job description, apply. Don't let your own confidence or humility block you from applying to a job. Let someone else say no.

    9. Say "I love you" to as many of your loved ones as possible today.

    You'll never wish you had said it one more time when they're gone.

    10. If you want to minimize food spoilage, buy less than what you think you need. You can always go back to the store later to get more.

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