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Nicola Fisher


10 Things You Have Learned In The Past 5 Years

    1. The future is never a done deal

    In 2012, my Mum had another year to live. I was happily single and living alone in Manchester. Now, both my Mum and Dad have died, I'm happily married and living in a different county, working in a different job. My life, as I knew it, has changed out of all recognition.

    2. Nothing lasts forever

    I knew this already. But it's worth revisiting. Sometimes we think life is set in stone but circumstances and situations can change massively. I resigned from my job, we sold our house and moved 100 miles away.

    3. What's meant for you won't pass you by

    We have an amazing life here in Derbyshire. Completely different to how things were in Manchester/Lancashire. A path revealed itself and we followed it and it led us here.

    4. Life can be better than you ever thought possible

    We are surrounded by miles and miles of countryside. We have made good friends here and have lovely neighbours. We've become part of the community. Things have happened here that would never have happened in Manchester. Doors have opened that were closed to us before.

    5. Forge your own path

    Increasingly I ponder the illusory nature of life. Are we actors in a play? More and more I believe we all have to forge our own path, stand by what we believe, live our truth. Life is short and we must do those things that make us happy and bring us joy.

    6. Happiness is found in the places you least expect

    I got married at 54 to a blind man. You couldn't have written it. We are incredibly happy and content together. I'd expected that I would be single for the rest of my life but, here I am, married!!

    7. Life at a gentler pace

    I'd lived in cities for most of my life. Although I craved something different, it was very much a pipe dream. Something for 'later'. But circumstances conspired to bring us here. Now, I can't imagine living in a city ever again. I love the gentler pace, the wide open spaces and the cows!

    8. People have more time

    In a city you're often anonymous and unseen. Here in the country, we're known in many different places. Strangers stop and talk. We're welcomed everywhere we go. It's a different world.

    9. Don't give up on your dreams

    My dream of living in Derbyshire came to fruition and very easily. I thought it would be something that would come later. It had been a dream that I didn't hold out much hope of achieving yet here we are.

    10. Your life can change

    You can create a new life for yourself at any point. You just have to be open to the possibilities and go with the flow.

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