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10 Things You Have Now But Did Not Have At The Start Of September


    1. School

    You are most likely attending school now, whether it be high school, college, or university. At the beginning of September, you were on summer break so you did not have to worry about school.

    2. A Job

    You may have had a job at the beginning of September, but it is very likely that you did not. Many students who are still in school do not have jobs, and only start to look for jobs once they have graduated.

    3. A Car

    If you are old enough to drive, it is likely that you did not have a car at the beginning of September. Many students who are still in school do not have cars because they cannot afford one or do not need one if they live close to school.

    4. A Pet

    You may have gotten a pet since the beginning of September, whether it be a dog, cat, fish, etc. Pets are a big responsibility, so many people wait until they are older to get one.

    5. A Phone

    It is possible that you got a new phone since the beginning of September. Perhaps your old phone broke and you had to get a new one, or you may have just wanted an upgrade.

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