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10 Things You Have That Make Your Life Easier

    1. Moleskine Notebook

    I love good old fashion paper and pen. I have multiple Moleskine notebooks that I use for managing client notes, project lists, my bucket list, and for journalling. It's makes my life so much easier.

    2. iPhone

    My iPhone both makes my life easier and harder. But when I'm traveling it's awesome. I love it for managing my communication, boarding passes, and wallet.

    3. Car

    My car makes every day easier. From picking up groceries and takeout to carting the family around. Living in suburbia without it would be difficult.

    4. MacBook Pro

    I know, I'm looking like an Apple fanboy. But a lot of my productivity happens on my computer on a daily basis. It makes my job so much easier along with running my business every day.

    5. House

    Our current house isn't my dream house, but it's been an amazing place to live. Having a roof over my head makes the hot and humid northeast days much more enjoyable and the winters survivable.

    6. Stove

    I like cooking. The stove makes cooking much easier. I can't even imagine what it must have been like hundreds of years ago and having to manage a fire all day just so that I could cook food.

    7. Lights

    I'm a night owl and love working late into the night. Without the lightbulb those late nights would be difficult.

    8. Family and Friends

    The thought of life without others is a complete nightmare. Life with friends and family makes life much better and easier. I couldn't imagine life without other people.

    9. Faith and Hope

    My faith is center to life. Without a faith in God and hope for the future, life would be depressing. Faith and hope make life so much better.

    10. Money

    I never have as much money as I would like. Money doesn't fix life, but it can make navigating life much more stress free and enjoyable.

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