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10 Things Robyn should do with Tys


Robyn's Fresian horse

    1. Find the western dressage contests that Tys can participate in.

    Western dressage is a relatively new category of contests for horses so there is still little competition. This is a good "Skip the Line" (see my book) approach to catapult Tys to being a known horse.

    For instance, I will probably never win the chess championship of my state but I just won the "Senior" (age over 50) championship of my state.

    Link of all calendars:

    Here's an example of a Fresian in a Western Dressage contest:

    2. Find instagram posts about horses that inspire you for things you can do for Tys

    To get ideas to build Tys's instagram page. The page just started and has about 400 followers.

    3. You want to find parades Tys can participate in

    In his own category. Maybe a medieval costume. Different costumes for different roles he can play. "This is Tys".

    4. Make trinkets or something that help people follow Tys.

    e.g. chocolate candies with ribbons around them that can have Tys's instagram account.

    5. TikTok / Instagram / Facebook reel / YouTube short

    Need to set up the accounts for all of these.

    6. Tys branded items: blankets?

    Fresian deck of cards - TASK: start figuring out which Fresians you want.

    - luxury chess set of Frisian horses as Knights

    7. Content / Article ideas - need magazines / websites, etc but here are ideas:

    - If you are going to be the ride of a Fresian horse you need to know these six rules

    - The family tree of the most beautiful Fresians

    - How to make your Fresian a contest winner? Could be a regular column

    - Things you can do to promote your Fresian horse /create an income with your Fresian horse

    - top 10 Classic Movies if you are Fresian owner

    - How to make an avatar of your Fresian horse

    - 5 Breeds closest Fresian Horse

    - How to make your horses mane and tail like a Fresians

    - The 10 most famous Fresian Horses of all time

    - How I train my Fresian horse

    - How to Make your Fresian horse a social media horse.

    8. The Fresian Calendar

    9. Fresian Family Reunion / Fresian LinkedIn

    Tys has about 1,000 siblings and his father was a famous breeding horse. Imagine finding the owners of all his siblings and having a family reunion. Or creating an app where they can be connected.

    Tys's father recently passed away and he was on the cover of this Fresian resource:


    10. App for opportunities for Fresians. The app can expand to include other breeds.

    For instance, what movies are being shot in your area that need Fresians.

    Image is of a Fresian in Game of Thrones


    11. Fresian weddings


    12. Directory of Fresian horse photographers is an example photographer who specializes in Fresian horses

    13. Spreadsheet for raising a successful Fresian horse

    Great article on selling spreadsheets on Etsy. I am wondering if there is any kind of spreadsheet that can be made about horses:

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