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10 Things You Love That Are Free

Society makes you believe that you need to spend money to be happy. Most of the time I am too busy to reflect on my happiness. But the more you can be happy without spending money the better quality of life you will have

    1. Talking to my friend Eric.

    We could chat for hours about anything. I have gone over to his house and played with his dog, which cost nothing.

    2. Taking a walk outside your home.

    I walk my dog every day just to get away from my computer. It is good to get fresh air and see what is going on in the neighborhood

    3. Sleep

    I require a lot of sleep to function properly. If I do not get enough sleep I get vampire eyes and I am drowsy/distracted all day.

    4. Volunteering

    Most years I volunteer for the Susan G. Komen race. It is inspiring to see that people have beat cancer and humbling to know that many people have lost the battle to cancer.

    5. Reading

    I have a digital library card and check out books all the time. Right now reading: Never Split The Difference.

    6. Writing

    This NotePD.com idea list

    7. Exercise

    I use a free app on my iPhone to do short workouts at home when I have time.

    8. Working

    Most of the time I work from home and my company provided me with a computer and pays for my internet. I get money in return for working.

    9. Investing

    Not entirely free because there are backend fees that are associated with investing. But I do not have to pay to open a brokerage account and invest in the stock market.

    10. Voting

    Again not entirely free because most people have to pay in order to get to the polls. But in the US we do not have to pay in order to actually cast a vote.

    11. Walking around the mall/downtown/park/museums

    There are lots of free places to visit and walk around. Museums usually have a free day during the week you can visit.

    12. Hiking

    I love taking hikes when I go places

    13. Swimming

    Swimming in a lake or the ocean

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