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10 things you need a spare of

    1. Glasses

    Trust me, when your only pair of glasses break, everything becomes frustrating to do

    2. Batteries

    You never know when something you use dies (smoke alarms, wireless mice, toys your children play with)

    3. Mobile phone charger

    Handy to have a spare so you can bring one on the go and charge the other one so you're never left without a usable phone charger

    4. Phone charger cables

    Imagine if you only had one phone charger: you'd have to transfer it back and forth to your bedroom, to your office, to your kitchen. Pay the extra money and get extra charger cables.

    5. Scissors

    I like having lots of different pairs of scissors around the house. When I only had one or two pairs, they just neve seemed to be in the shelves or in the places I put them back in.

    6. Towels

    Same as chargers - you can be washing one while using the other. Also helps when you have guests stay over.

    7. Suit / work clothing

    You're probably working from home so this doesn't apply to you, but I knew many professionals who had spare suits sitting in their office - just in case.

    8. Spare socks

    Your shirt and pants can get wet, but if your socks get wet, it's really hard to dry. Great to have a spare set if you know you're going to find yourself in wet situations (hiking, going to the swimming pool, kayaking, etc.)

    9. Spare keys

    Nice to have a spare set of keys for your home - you can leave them with a trusted friend so if anything happens (really if you lose your keys while you're out and about), you can still get into your home.

    10. Sanitizer / face masks

    I like keeping spares in my jacket, car and work bag - you just never know if you'll find yourself in a situation where you need to cover your mouth and wash your hands and I like having spares in case I need them.

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