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Daniel Knight


10 Things You Should Never Forget


    1. Your Wallet

    There's nothing worse than getting somewhere and realizing everything you need to pay is left at home. Fortunately, digital wallets are a good backup. IF you set them up ahead of time!

    2. Your Phone

    With our lives increasingly reliant on technology, forgetting your phone can feel like forgetting a limb. Whether you use it for work or just to stay connected with loved ones, make sure you have it with you before heading out.

    Forget this and your wallet and it's game over!

    3. Your Keys

    Nothing is worse than coming home to an locked door because you forgot your keys. Avoid the headache by keeping them on you at all times, or at least keeping a spare set somewhere easily accessible.

    4. Your Emergency Contacts Phone Number

    Do you have this memorized? In this day of age it's easy to forget peoples numbers. But you never know when you might need to call someone in an emergency and not have your phone.

    5. Your Appointments

    Don't be one of those people who forgets about appointments and is constantly rescheduling. That is rude and disrespectful and a great way to lose business or even friends.

    6. Your Mind

    Keep it cool. Figure out what tools you have mentally to keep your head straight. Challenging situations are what truly define someone's character. How do you handle a situation is everything.

    7. Your Values

    Know what you stand for and stick to your values. Deviating should never be an option. Reconsidering, however, it's a different story. But once you identify what is most important to you and the values you hold, don't let people sway your better judgment and compromise your character and integrity.

    8. Your Mission

    Similar to knowing your values, knowing your mission is equally important. By having a clearly defined long term goal for the life you want to live and impact you want to have, everything else becomes easier. If you don't know what your purpose and mission are it is hard to do anything with genuine intentions.

    9. The People Who Supported You

    Keep track of the people that are there for you. Reciprocate and show support for them in anyway possible. Expressing gratitude and reciprocating support is incredibly important to maintaining relationships. Be sure to give credit where credit is due and thank people for supporting you.

    10. To Nurture Relationships

    Staying in communication with people you care about is everything when it comes to maintaining relationships. Don't forget this or you will find yourself alone and depressed especially during times of need. Reach out to those you love and remind them that you care about them. This will help you keep them in your life.

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