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10 things you should never procrastinate on

Everyone procrastinates. Here are few things you should deal with right away

    1. Christmas shopping

    I'm starting off with this one because, 'tis the season. If you leave it till the last week, you're already late.

    2. Health ailments

    Maybe you can live with some things, but in my experience the longer you wait, they worse it gets.

    3. Taking care of your health

    No better time than to start now.

    4. Apologies

    The more immediate AND well thought out, the better.

    5. Break-ups

    Including if you're just seeing someone. To me, you're just wasting your time and the time of somebody else if you wait to tell them the truth.

    6. Buying new shoes

    I've always waited and it's not worth it. You can potentially damage your feet and it's really uncomfortable having a hole in your shoe when the weather is either wet or cold.

    7. Writing letters

    Of any kind. In my experience a letter of any kind, business, casual, formal etc. is always best signed, sealed, delivered, post-haste.

    Actually any kind of writing should be done as soon as you can.

    8. Cleaning

    Anything. The hardest time to clean is when you're left it. The easiest? When you don't wait.

    9. Exercise

    You're gonna do it tomorrow? I'm firm believer in the "1 per cent rule". Couple that with doing something everyday, no matter how small, and you've got progress.

    10. Meditation

    Procrastination and meditation are kind of similar - they're both states where we aren't being productive and taking you're mind off of something. But one is distraction and the other is introspection.

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