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10 Things You Will Not Tolerate in 2023

    1. Getting a job.

    No thank you.

    2. Being aloof to my family and friends.

    This is a lifelong weakness for me, and I've been working hard on correcting it.

    3. Not doing everything possible to reach my business goals.

    Manage my tasks with theme days, use the 80/20 analysis to make growth decisions, and be ruthless in cutting what isn't working.

    4. Staying put.

    I have the option to travel anywhere I want right now, but for the moment I'm staying put. However, that must change in the early months of 2023. Fear of discomfort is my great nemesis.

    5. Overscheduling myself.

    H/T to @younes for mentioning this one. I'm good at work/life balance, but bad at overscheduling what I do in both realms.

    6. Getting injured.

    2022 was the year of running injuries for me. I've had six injuries, all to my left foot and ankle. I've since incorporated a wide array of stretches, strength training, and mobility work into my daily routine to help prevent this from happening again.

    7. Being slow to respond.

    I'm not always fast at responding to text messages, emails, and phone calls. This needs to improve.

    8. Staying inside all day.

    The world is too beautiful of a place to not be outside!

    9. Not exploring my creative potential.

    I have so many creative ideas yet I have not fully realized any of them yet. That is changing now!

    10. Missing a day of posting ideas on NotePD.

    Not gonna happen!

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