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10 Things You Will Not Tolerate in 2023

    1. Stupidity

    I have tolerated stupidity for far too long now. In 2023, I will no longer tolerate stupidity. If anyone decides to be stupid around me in 2023, I will put my fingers into my ears and start singing lalalalalala.

    2. War

    It was already frowned upon in 2022, but no more tolerating this nonsense in 2023. War will not be tolerated. If anyone thinks it's fun to start a war, I will raise my finger into the air, wave it slightly and I will give that person 'the look'. There, that'll teach them.

    3. Religion

    We are speculating on this matter for centuries now. It's time to stop. 2023 will be the year when religion will no longer be tolerated. If I can't touch it, it's not there. Even if I can touch it, it may not be there. Nothing is there. Only illusions and even they might not be here. Eh... ok, we'll scrap Philosophy as well.

    4. Atheism

    Yes, you too. You don't know shit either. Just shut up and start to make yourself useful. Get a hobby, go to work, whatever. Your atheism standpoint won't be tolerated either.

    5. Dying

    I know, there will be a day when I will die. Turn to ashes. But it will not be in 2023. If something may happen that might cause me into the direction of dying in 2023, I will not tolerate it and fight it to the very end.

    6. Be alive

    Yes, I will be alive in 2023. Probably. But I won't 'be alive'. You know of those people, who tell you they 'feel so alive'. Keep these people away from me. At least for 2023. Probably also beyond 2023. Because they will not be tolerated.

    7. Winter

    It's cold, it's dark, it's awful. For 2023 I have this plan to make winter go away. I'm pretty sure I can manage it within 3 months. Winter will not be tolerated after that. At least not until after the fall.

    Eh... yes, on to the next.

    8. Narcsistic platforms

    Yes, I'm looking at you Elon Musk. Well, actually I'm looking at my web browser pointing at NotePD, but I'm looking at you Elon Musk! No more Twitter here. At least for as long as I can keep it off. It's even worse than 1-minute chess games and I haven't tolerated these for at least eh... well... a minute or so.

    9. The 10th item

    Yes, you are right. The 10th item won't be tolerated. No more item 10. 9 is the new 10. I mean, it isn't, because it wouldn't be tolerated, but... Well, I guess it's time to put this to an end.

    Happy 2023 (is that still tolerated?)

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