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10 things you would change if you were in charge of your country for a day


    1. Install term limits for people in congress

    No more than 2 terms

    2. No stock trading for people in congress

    3. Any politicians who want to fund wars need to lead the troops from the front

    With a sign around their neck identifying them.

    4. High-ranking government officials will not be able to be paid by private industry in their field for five years after leaving office

    Too much corruption

    5. Stop subsidizing war

    6. Anybody protesting something or making rules that affect someone else should be forced to take the consequences

    For example if you want to protest abortions you should be willing to adopt unwanted children. If you want to raise someone else’s tax you should pay more yourself.

    7. Stop the drug war

    It has obviously not worked. Drugs are more powerful, crime is more dangerous, more people are addicted and the money spent is a complete waste.

    8. Dial back airport security

    Maybe move to facial recognition or something. The TSA has been a huge waste of money and time.

    9. Parity between spending on special interest groups

    For example if you are going to issue millions to one group you should be able to do it for others as well.

    10. Ban independent spending on running for office and shorten the “election cycle”

    There should be limited structured, broadcast debates Between candidates and nothing else. Right now they start running for re-election their second day in office and don’t do their jobs. The news media and politicians love this endless campaign cycle but it is a bunch of crap.

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