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10 Thoughts About Blogging


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    1. A blog can be a type case or a collection point

    At the end there is a collection of articles that develops over a long period of time.

    2. It's about the practice of writing regularly, not so much about the outcome.

    3. To niche or not to niche?

    A narrow niche certainly makes marketing easier. But it seems even more important to me that you regularly find a topic that interests you.

    4. WordPress?

    WordPress is probably the best platform for beginners. However, a look behind the scenes - into the code base - does not inspire much confidence. And on the other hand, WordPress is super user-friendly.

    It has advantages and disadvantages. One should at least look at alternatives like Ghost or a static generator before deciding on WordPress.

    5. Writing regularly!

    It's strange how easy it is to post regularly on some platforms (e.g. NotePD or Quora). Maybe that's because you feel less pressure.

    6. Newsletter

    MailerLite is the most user-friendly option I found (so far). I tried Mailchimp before, which was frustrating.

    7. A blog is yours

    You can't just get thrown off a platform that's yours. With social media like Facebook and Twitter, it's a different story.

    8. Headlines are important

    The headline is the most important part of an article. Some pros recommend collecting up to 10 headlines before you start writing. One should have the headline before writing the text because then the writing will be easier.

    9. Outline

    Writing an article is much easier when you have a ready outline beforehand.

    10. Schedule

    The clarity and lightness perhaps come with regularity. One way to do this is to put blogging on the agenda like other tasks.

    11. The best book on blogging I've found so far

    Show your work by Austin Kleon:

    I also liked Write Blog Posts Readers Love by Henri Juntilla:

    Do you know any other fantastic books on this subject?

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