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10 thoughts after publishing 200 public ideas on NotePD

+ 5 from the AI.

10 thoughts after publishing 200 public ideas on NotePD

    1. Scheduling ideas is great

    I try to stay 14 days ahead. Today I fell to 10, so I have to catch up.

    2. I easily end up writing more than one list per day

    I often schedule one list and post another one, sometimes more.

    3. Challenges are a great way to be more prolific

    4. I'm willing to pay for Premium lists

    I already bought two or three.

    5. I look forward to releasing more Premium Lists

    6. The AI image generator is super fun

    lightbulbs falling from the sky, mountain lake in Norway

    7. A lot of NotePD users have a bright future ahead of them

    8. People here are kind

    Maybe we could create lists that specifically allow for insulting each other, just to get it all out. Like The Purge. Not that I personally feel that need! The thought of it is amusing because I can't imagine anyone here being seriously mean.

    9. There's a lovely mixture of information and creativity

    10. The AI can come up with interesting ideas depending on the list

    I only use it after I've come up with at least ten ideas myself; otherwise, I find that it defeats the purpose. It's an interesting tool to experiment with! The ideas are often basic things that you would find on blogs by doing a Google search, but it can be fun, especially when you're combining two distant ideas or two people together (such as with my list about Tim Ferriss and Benjamin Franklin).

    I've just tried it for this list. Before adding the word 'publishing' to my title, the AI assistant thought that the entirety of NotePD only contained 200 ideas and therefore suggested an idea about scarcity. Now it's better. The ideas below are from the AI assistant.

    11. Vulnerability

    It's scary putting your ideas out there for the world to see, but it's also exhilarating.

    12. Comparison

    It's easy to compare your ideas to others and feel like they're not good enough, but everyone has to start somewhere.

    13. Feedback

    Getting feedback from others can be helpful, but it's also important to trust your own instincts.

    14. Growth

    Every idea is a chance to learn and grow as a writer and thinker.

    15. Keep going

    I'm on a roll and I want to see how many ideas I can come up with.

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