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10 thoughts after watching 'A Trip to Infinity'

Great documentary on Netflix.

10 thoughts after watching 'A Trip to Infinity'

    1. There might be a copy of me somewhere with a more impressive NotePD streak

    2. It's a good reminder that nothing matters in the grand scheme of things

    3. But also we shouldn't act as if nothing matters in our little corner of the universe

    Be kind.

    4. God or no God?

    On one hand, it feels like there is a God. On the other hand, it seems like the universe is too absurd and chaotic for that, at least if we're talking about a god that cares about humans. If there is a God that cares about humans, what about all the other useless crap in the universe? (wait, are we useless crap? whoopsies)

    5. It was weird to get back to reality after watching it

    My reality is just as real as the vastness of the universe, but the contrast felt... significant.

    6. I love scientists

    I don't like scientism, so this isn't about blindly worshipping scientists. It just seems that there is a childlike enthusiasm and sense of wonder among scientists which is harder to find elsewhere.

    7. I want to put an apple in a transparent box and leave it there forever

    8. It's amazing to be a part of all this crazy stuff

    9. These scientists still struggle to wrap their heads around some of this stuff even though they understand the math

    10. We should meditate on impermanence on different scales

    Everything in our galaxy will eventually disappear. The Universe itself is impermanent (well, it turns out it might exist for infinity, but it will keep changing).

    We could easily ignore all that and pretend like some of our earthly things are somewhat permanent, or at least will be around for a long time, but they won't. Marcus Aurelius wrote about how no matter how much you accomplish, you'll soon be forgotten. Ironically, we're still talking about him almost 2000 years after his death, but as the folks in the documentary will tell you, 2000 years is nothing compared to infinity.

    Your accomplishments won't be around for much longer.

    You won't be around for much longer.

    This beautiful day won't be around for much longer, and you don't know that you'll get another one.

    This moment will soon cease to exist.

    Enjoy that sip of coffee. Or that sip of tea. Or that sip of bundled atoms in liquid form which will soon be transformed into something else.

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