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10 thoughts after watching Fantastic Fungi

Amazing Netflix documentary.


    1. I knew so little about mushrooms

    2. Paul Stamets is fucking amazing

    3. I want to train myself to like mushrooms

    While I have consumed psychedelic mushrooms, I'm not a big fan of mushrooms as food. I will train myself to enjoy them more by trying them in different types of dishes. Pizza is an easy one.

    4. Mushrooms are FASCINATING

    5. I wonder how true it is that some non-psychedelic mushrooms are like magic remedies

    I already believe in the healing powers of psilocybin. I'm not as familiar with the alleged healing properties of some of the non-psychedelic mushrooms, such as Lion's Mane. Why not try it.

    6. Mushrooms can actually be quite beautiful

    7. I wish they had shown some of those HUGE mushrooms

    Or did they? Maybe I didn't notice.

    I saw a massive mushroom in the park the other day, and I thought it was a big rock.

    8. I almost want to become an amateur mycologist

    9. What if there are many other mushroom species out there that can benefit mankind?

    10. They make a convincing case for psychedelic mushrooms

    My girlfriend had a rather negative view of psychedelics, and I respected that. While I thought they would only briefly mention it, it turned out that a big part of the documentary was about psilocybin, and she said it was "very convincing."

    While most of the documentary is not about psychedelics, it's a much better introduction to psychedelics than another Netflix documentary, "Have a Good Trip", which I thought was quite irresponsible.

    I also recommend all four episodes of How To Change Your Mind.

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