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10 thoughts on AI for creative work

Branched from @lovingkindnesscomedy !

Image prompt (for ChatGPT Turbo):

"create an image that expresses the use of AI for creative work"


AI pretty much nailed it.

In November 2023 ChatGPT made major announcements and improvements in capability. Also, Elon Musk's X.AI was launched in the same month. Sam Altman declared that next year GPT five will make the advancements in GPT for quaint. This is an exciting time in AI.

    1. Grammarly for writing

    I paid for this last year. It has been a great investment. It offers suggestions all the time and lets me quickly correct my spelling. This let me concentrate on my message.

    2. Advanced Speech to Text for writing and taking notes

    Now because of-based speech to text, I can speak notes into my phone or computer and concentrate on my thoughts. This helps with writing, and also helps tremendously with carpal tunnel syndrome, and other overuse injuries from typing. I can also take notes anywhere at any time.

    3. Create near-instant images with no drawing skill


    4. AI as a source for inspiration and writers block

    You can upload the chapter that is not finished and ask it to suggest 10 different endings for you.

    5. We have been using AI in music production with compression and autotune for many years

    6. It is very good at writing highly structured content

    I used it to create book summaries and marketing pages for a few books that I wrote. I could tell it to write a 200 word version, at 1000 word version, pull up points, and it can transform everything.

    7. Use it to take care of your business and promotion communications

    As a creative person, you may have a stand-up comedy set, book, or music album that you want to promote. You can ask AI to come up with 15 tweets, a press release, 10 blog posts, edit short videos for TikTok or YouTube from a master copy.

    8. Use it to extend your ideation with consecutive prompts

    Write a short children's story about a rabbit that starts a farm...Draw a watercolor picture of Rosie working on the farm...draw a watercolor in the same style of the day a gentle deer named Daisy visited Rosie...

    With less than 3 hours of effort you could have a pretty passable children's book.

    3 minutes later:

    The Rabbit's Dream Farm

    Once upon a time, in a lush green valley, there lived a bright-eyed rabbit named Rosie. Rosie had big dreams, bigger than any rabbit in the valley. While other rabbits hopped around looking for carrots and cabbages, Rosie dreamt of starting her very own farm.

    One sunny morning, Rosie decided it was time to make her dream come true. She put on her little straw hat and set off to find the perfect spot for her farm. After hopping through fields and forests, she found a small patch of land bathed in sunshine, with a sparkling stream nearby.

    Rosie worked hard, digging the soil with her tiny paws. She planted rows of carrots, lettuce, and tomatoes. She even had a little corner for some pretty flowers. Every day, Rosie tended to her plants with love, talking to them, and singing songs as she watered them.

    As days turned into weeks, the seeds sprouted into little plants. Rosie was overjoyed! Her hard work was paying off. The other animals in the valley noticed Rosie’s farm and were amazed by her dedication.

    One day, a gentle deer named Daisy visited Rosie. “Your farm is beautiful! Can I help you?” Daisy asked. Rosie was delighted. Together, they worked on the farm, sowing new seeds and caring for the growing plants.

    Soon, other animals joined in. There was Benny the bird, who helped by picking out weeds, and Freddy the fox, who kept an eye out for any trouble. The farm became a place where all animals worked together happily.

    When harvest time came, Rosie's farm was filled with the most colorful and juicy vegetables in the valley. She shared her harvest with all her helpers and other animals in need. The farm had brought everyone closer, turning them into a big, happy family.

    Rosie’s farm was not just a farm; it was a symbol of friendship, hard work, and the power of dreams. And every night, as Rosie looked at the stars, she thanked them for helping her dream come true. She was the little rabbit who started a farm and, in doing so, brought a whole community together.

    And so, Rosie's dream farm thrived, teaching everyone that even the smallest creature can achieve the biggest dreams with a bit of hard work and the help of friends.



    9. Increase your output

    Try not to contribute to the AI trash heap: AI still needs human help. Make things that matter.

    10. Create specific images to strengthen your message

    For lists or "blog posts" you don't have to search the internet; you can have AI create an image to strengthen your point.

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