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10 thoughts on Linux on the desktop


    1. It's already user-friendly enough for normal people (like you and me)

    2. The main reason why it is not spreading is probably that it is not pre-installed on new devices.

    3. Also, there are too many distributions and user interfaces.

    4. In addition, there are few really easy-to-understand instructions for those switching.

    5. Normal people don't enjoy installing a new operating system.

    Okay, maybe I don't belong in this group after all... I enjoy it very much. It feels like a little fresh start.

    6. Linux distribution reviews on YouTube are strange

    They present a distribution with all possible features and show which programs are installed. They rarely go any deeper and say nothing about long-term use.

    7. Shiny new stuff syndrome

    Many Linux users keep installing something new. The system looks different as a result, contains some new components. Purely in terms of functionality, however, this does not lead to any significant differences.

    8. I'm a caveman

    I hardly understand the technical basics and how my system is programmed, but I can adapt it as I need it. The cavemen had far less knowledge of our world than we do, but they managed to survive just fine. It's the same with me and my Linux system.

    9. Stability is more important than being up-to-date

    In most cases, it doesn't matter that much whether software is four months or four years old. Web browsers are perhaps an exception.

    10. It's great for installing on older hardware

    A ten-year-old computer can still do its job well.

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