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10 thoughts on real life

10 thoughts on real life

    1. I had a fun, spontaneous weekend with friends in a party town

    2. It made me reflect on all this internet shit I've been doing

    3. My work? I still love it

    4. I can't complain about the hours, but...

    5. I did realize I need to structure my business in a way that I can have proper days off

    6. I also think I'd rather grow it into something that can one day run by itself as opposed to being purely a solopreneur

    7. Partying with friends was much needed, but of course you don't need alcohol for this

    I drank a lot for the first time in a long while and I'm OK with this, although this certainly shouldn't happen often. And a great weekend can certainly be had in Lloret de Mar without alcohol.

    8. But I've been thinking about Twitter: I recently said I loved it, but my corner of Twitter is driving me crazy

    9. People are obsessed with "growing on Twitter" and there are so many people writing almost exclusively about how to grow on Twitter, and they all sound the same, and IT'S FUCKING ABSURD

    10. I don't want to get sucked in and forget about real life

    11. In summary...

    - I love my work, and days off are important. I want to better structure my week in order to have at least one day off

    - I want to eventually have a business that doesn't depend on me

    - My corner of Twitter is absurd, it's driving me insane and I need to change something about this

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