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10 Tickets to the Astral

Astral travel : you dont have to leave all the fun to the witches. Its your human right to visit the realms. Dont miss out book a trip tonight.

    1. Oversleep. Everyone likes to sleep in. Do it now with a purpose. Wake up go for a walk and go back to sleep.

    This interrupted sleep produces results. You need to work hard to go back to sleep after you wake up. It works.

    2. Drugs/ supplements

    Will add if any one is interested.

    3. Dream journal

    Map out or write descriptions of the terrain. Reinforces and strengthens your returns.

    4. Magick rituals

    Channel energy with your chalice and swords during the waking hours . Psychological set up for sleep time.

    5. Read Fantasy

    Primes your gray matter setting you up for success. "Chronicles of Amber" and others along this genre .

    6. Dress up fancy for bed.

    Put on some nice jewelry a yummy parfum and your finest pair of underclothing.

    7. Have your friends pray for you.

    Prayer is a magical spell. Its free use it liberally.

    8. Mushrooms

    Waking astral travel. Dont be a fool have a babysitter.

    9. The Hags

    Oh great you want to wake up but you are paralyzed. Relax. Concentrate on wiggling your pinky. You will come back to terra firma.

    10. Ethics

    Morals are pliable but not completely elastic. Mind your step. First do no harm.

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