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Bill Bergeman


10 Tiny Actions We Can Take To Show Kindness and Respect

These small actions can pack a mighty positive punch in someone else's day.

    1. Smile at a busy customer service worker and tell them they're doing a great job.

    2. Gladly let someone into busy traffic when they are trying to turn in front of you.

    3. Leave the table at the coffee shop as clean as you found it for the next person.

    4. Leave an encouraging comment on a fellow NotePDers list.

    5. Tell a friend you followed the advice they provided and let them know how well it worked.

    6. Let a training partner know how grateful you are they get up early each morning to run with you.

    7. Open doors for people.

    8. Tell your boss how much you appreciate their guidance.

    9. Give a dollar to a panhandler even if you do not believe panhandlers deserve it.

    10. If you can, call your parents and tell them you appreciate everything they did raising you.

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