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10 Tips For A Successful First Date (For Men)

If you've got a first date coming up, maybe some of these tips will help you have a successful and fun first date!

    1. Make it fun.

    How? By having fun yourself. Also, suggest something you're genuinely excited to do. Women get inboxes full of "let's hang out" invitations or open ended dinner. If you're going to go for a dinner invite, at least make it specific. "There's a super cool Filipino place that just opened that I want to check out. I hear their sisig is the best. Have you ever tried Filipino food? Want to explore that with me?!" Or a drawing class, or whatever you're genuinely excited to experience (and would be even excited to do it solo). If you're excited to do it solo, you'll be excited it to share it with someone and it will set a good vibe.

    2. Make it comfortable.

    Dating can be scary, but especially for women. Make sure you give off a super lighthearted, "want to get to know you" authentic vibe. How? By being lighthearted and genuinely interested in the person you're wanting to date!

    3. Be genuinely curious.

    Ask lots of questions about things you're genuinely curious about! Don't force it, but see what your date is drawn to talking about (maybe they mention a recent trip)--and ask more questions about what they seem interested in talking about. Listening more than talking about yourself is always a good bet.

    4. Let go of any expectations.

    The worst thing to ruin your time and your date's time is by having ANY expectations. You should be looking to see if you feel a vibe and connection with the person. Do you connect with them authentically? Do you enjoy your time together? Do they seem like they are enjoying their time with you? Look for queues. Are they laughing? How is their body language?

    5. If you're vibing...

    Then maybe try holding their hand if you go for a walk. Ask them if they are comfortable with the hand holding,...because sometimes a women won't tell you and will just wish it was over. Get good at reading body language.

    6. Harness your playful energy!

    A first date is best experienced in a light, playful, fun form. So practice getting your playfulness up! Don't take yourself too seriously. Even if your date is a bummer, you can set a fun mood and just enjoy your one or two hours together.

    7. Be honest and upfront.

    Don't lay all your cards out and get rid of all your mystery (that comes after you're married), but at least be honest about your intentions. If you just want a casual relationship, don't be afraid to say that. You'll attract the right connections in your life.

    8. Don't make any assumptions.

    Don't make assumptions about what your date is into, wants, etc. Don't assume they won't date others. Make zero assumptions and if you want to know something; ask!

    9. Don't get attached.

    The principal of nonattachment is good to use when it comes especially to a first date. It's your first time meeting them, so even if you feel like they are your soulmate; you really don't know yet. The biggest thing is you want to be yourself. If you're not happy with who you are; work on yourself and your identity first and foremost!

    10. It's okay to feel rejected and to take risks.

    There are so many people to date. If you don't vibe with this one, pat yourself on the back for trying and try again! Good for you for putting yourself out there!

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