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10 tips to Bringing Out the Best in Others

How do you bring out the best in others or better still build others up?

I've worked with a few people in life and this is something that has always been an interest to me. The opposite is when you see control issues, trust issues, etc. Worse is the "do as i say," but "don't do as I do" kind of leaders.

First you gotta have it as a priority - then you show it through your words and actions which naturally produce people around you killing their goals.

Win-win.. You're happy. They'll forever remember You.

P.S: This is not an excuse on why you need to work and surround yourself with already competent people.

How to bring out the best in others

    1. Believe in them

    You gotta believe in people to bring out the best in them.

    You make effort to see beyond the now and into a brighter future.

    This is not something that just happen with words - it must show even in your actions.

    2. Hone Character

    People who are constantly working on themselves inside-out change the world.

    Things are going to go smoother when they're working on themselves also inside-out and you let them know how much it is a priority to you.

    Acknowledging someone's effort, accomplishments, or good qualities can go a long way towards bringing out the best in them.

    You can always train for skills - but can hardly change anybody's character.

    3. Don't be quick to judge

    Everybody you meet is experiencing one inner demon or the other.

    Hating, spreading gossips, pointing accusing fingers only escalates problems.

    Be slow to judge when you want to bring out the best in others.

    Rather showing others that they are valued and appreciated is another key to helping them bring out their best.

    4. Meaningful Encouragement

    No better feeling when someone believes in you even when the odds are against you.

    You take the time to get to know someone before offering advice or support, so that your words are more impactful.

    People respond positively to encouragement, and it can be a powerful tool for bringing out the best in others.

    Showing others that you believe in their ability to succeed can be the push they need to reach their potential.

    5. Give them Freedom

    People who thrive on Control and using authority to intimidate others hardly know other people beyond the surface level.

    You want other people around you to do their best according to the best of their abilities - give them more freedom.

    Show them they can win without a dependence-mindset. With just some guidance - they can do cool sh"t on their own.

    6. Be Patient with them by Creating a Positive Environment

    Not everybody you meet is as competent as you expect.

    Except when you feel they're a bad fit for you at that moment - be patient with their journey.

    Bringing out the best in others is a "field trip" not a "guilt trip"

    Creating an environment that is positive and supportive would help foster bringing out the best in others.

    7. Mentor someone

    One way to accelerate your growth drastically in any endeavour is to start mentoring someone.

    Remember, when The Best of Me: A program that pairs Mentors with those who need guidance to discover and develop their talents.

    By helping others, we not only make their lives better, but we make the world a better place.

    8. Challenging them to Grow

    By challenging others to push themselves and grow, we can help them reach new levels and bring out their very best.

    The best sales team have daily sales trainings and seminars.

    Don't just expect all people to be A-players.

    Change their belief system by challenging it and get them to raise their conviction and beliefs in what they do.

    9. Listen to them

    Listening to others gives them "psychological air"

    They start to find themselves when they discover you're open to hearing them out and learning from them.

    When we listen without judgement, we give others the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings, which can help them feel understood and valued.

    10. Let them Earn your Trust

    Trust is not about being Naïve.

    Show them how much you care and trust them more with their good results.

    Don't withhold trust when people have taken the time to earn it based on previous agreements else they too cannot trust you and you can't bring out the best in them.

    11. Bonus point: Leading by Example and fostering collaboration

    People are more likely to follow our lead when we demonstrate the behavior or attitude we want them to adopt.

    Working together towards a common goal can help people see the best in each other and develop relationships based on trust and respect.


    Let's learn to believe in others and we'll see the hidden gems in them come to light.

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