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10 tips to keep a Stratocaster in tune

If you do these things, you can dive-bomb the tremolo, and it will stay in tune! I have all of these upgrades on an inexpensive Squire Strat and they all do a little, which adds up to a lot.

    1. Use Fender Bullet strings

    These strings have a special end that seats into the trem block

    2. Locking tuners

    There are many brands: I prefer Grovers and put them on all my guitars, even the acoustic.

    3. Wilkinson tremolo

    This is a great tremolo that can drop in. Everything locks in place once you set the intonation so there is no movement,

    4. Trem Setter

    This is a device that uses a spring to return the trem to a neutral/ in tune position

    5. Earvana nut

    This system offsets the string positions based on their thickness. It really helps with the G string

    6. Tusq string trees or rollers

    instead of plain metal

    7. "Nut sauce" lubricant

    This is basically like vaseline. Put it everywhere that the string contacts something.

    8. Nut files

    Make sure that your strings are at a good height and that the string slots are clear.

    9. Correct tremolo setup and tension

    There are lots of you tube videos that show how to do this

    10. Technique with tremolo and fingers to bend strings into tune

    If you are going to use the bar a lot get used to flicking it up to re-seat the strings. Also "hear" corrected intervals and practice pulling chords into pitch. Or use a wide vibrato!

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