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10 Tips to Succeed Writing 50.000 words in November

November is the novel writing month! It's the month if you think you've always wanted to write a novel but you never got around to it. Also the month where you're given permission to write badly, as long as you get writing that 50.000 words.

I joined 10 times and succeeds 8 times. Here is what I learned.

(50.000 words roughly is 1667 words a day, it's not a full-length novel but still a very good milestone).

10 Tips to Succeed Writing 50.000 words in November

    1. Have an idea.

    The more solid the idea, the easier it is to write. I failed when I thought of a story idea like "A Christmas Carol set up in a startup world". It doesn't sound too bad, but I didn't really think through of the conflicts.

    2. Know how fast you can type.

    This is crucial when you have to force yourself to write. How many minutes do I need at least to do the daily amount? How many minutes do I need to catch up?

    3. Don't give up when you're not able to do the daily target.

    Once upon a time, I write 15.000 words a day. The power of deadlines and being able to take a day off to write. Just don't give up.

    4. Accept that most of what you've written is going to be bad.

    I'd like to think of it as something to purge my bad writing style (not that I have a great writing style afterwards, haha)

    5. Plot beforehand.

    It helps when you're stuck or you just want to write a scene in the future, but you know how the story will turn out.

    6. Or not plot at all.

    I've done it both. This allows for a lot of freestyling.

    7. Have writing buddies.

    To procrastinate together with (true story). But also, super helpful to do word wars with. It helps to focus and just get the writer juice flowing.

    8. Accept that you'll have writer's block, but keep going.

    I know, it's the hardest one. Write different story branches, run over meaningless dialogues just to get into the character.

    9. Don't edit while you're in this month (aka shut your inner critic).

    Unless you're very good at it, maybe. But the point of this month is just to get all of your inner critic and give yourself a licence to go all out.

    10. Set aside some time and prepare to stretch your wrist.

    Wake up earlier, sleep later, cancel all your non-important schedules.

    11. Have fun!

    Actually, this is the most important one of all. Good luck!

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