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10 topics and pieces of trivia everyone needs to know upon graduating high school.

Lots of this information gets transmitted to young people but it does not stick: humans generally have to learn things the hard way.

    1. Spend time with someone from a different part of the world

    This can be through travel or seeking someone out that moved to your area. Cultures are different and the same all over in many ways

    2. The real temptations and dangers of credit cards and credit card debt

    I thought I was a smart person but I got stuck in this trap.

    3. Realize that there will be people far more and far less "successful" than you

    4. "Success" is frequently measured with a bank account but there are other ways to find satisfaction in your life

    5. Continue, or start, being active/exercise. In your 20s you will set yourself up for a life of fitness or something that you will need to overcome.

    If you start with these good habits you can stray and then "get back on the wagon" later in life. These habits are harder to start as you age.

    6. Compounding interest: how it works for and against you.

    7. Compounding of other things like learning, personal relationships, family relationships, skills

    The more effort you put into something the more you will be able to do. For example if you cook for yourself for 15 - 20 years you will be quite good at a number of dishes and restaurants will not have the same draw. But you need to start.

    8. Say yes to almost everything

    You will gain experiences that you can reflect on and build on for the rest of your life

    9. Be patient but also see the long game

    Life can be a long game. Bill Gates famously said "people overestimate what they can do in one year but underestimate what they can do in ten years."

    10. Whatever age you are is normal" everyone 10 years younger is young, everyone 10 years older is old

    When I was in high school a 45 year old was like an ancient mummy. Now to me as a 53 year old a 45 year old is a "nice young man"

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