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10 Topics I like to Read and Think About

    1. Happiness / Self-Help

    Most of these books/articles are similar. Many are a waste of time.
    It's just a reminder to try and be a better person. Hard to be a good person and nice to others if you are not happy and content with who you are.

    2. Investing

    FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) is a great exercise for anyone. You don't have to do it, just think about it. Provides a little bit of a safety blanket during tough times.

    Can read about markets, real-estate, business all day long.

    Not everyone is a financial genius, but we can all work on personal finance and make prudent decisions.

    3. Health

    Gotta take care of yourself. It is hard to get into shape and very easy to fall off the wagon. Be consistent. Nothing is a straight line. Enjoy yourself now and then. Body Builders and professional athletes have not lived to 110. Old ladies who understand balance/moderation live the longest.

    4. Relationships

    Communicating with those close to you is really hard. Work on it.

    5. Parenting

    Really hard. Try your best. You will not be perfect. Try and help your children become self-sufficient/happy/good members of society. Don't do everything for them. Love them above everything.

    6. Music

    Music can inspire, give energy, and depress you. It's an enhancer to what you are feeling.

    7. Politics

    Do not trust anyone in government. It's interesting to read how it seems the most corrupt people are drawn to politics. It's a great reminder about how humans crave power. It's also ironic that the people who are supposed to be representing the bulk of their constituents are the most corrupt people. Why does anyone donate money to politicians?

    8. Movies

    Similar to music. Can inspire and help you dream.

    9. History

    Seems to repeat. Because humans haven't evolved much? It's also so fascinating to see how much humans could achieve prior to having so much information, like we do today.

    10. Persuasion

    Very important in life. Use it for good.

    11. Sports

    Care less as I age. Athletes can be very inspiring. Now that they generally make so much money, it is hard to relate to them.

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