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10 Twitter feature ideas

Ideas for Twitter to upgrade it'a features

    1. Automated "reading" of Tweets

    2. Twitter Billboards

    Twitter digital billboards that you can Tweet (approved/nonoffensive) ads or ideas to

    3. Twitter Live Spots

    Small hangout spots for Twitter "premium members" to hangout. Probably partner with Starbucks

    4. Twitter Learning

    Educational and value add space for learning and/or education

    5. EZ Tweets AI

    Daily tweet ideas you can send out that are generic or AI generated (to start before advancing to better ideas)

    6. Twitter Pop Ups

    Twitter real life pop up destinations for various things: politics (probably not the best idea), art, etc..

    7. Personal Twitter Algorithm Modification

    Something such as a "volume adjustment" bar that you can use to adjust your customized algorithm. Instead of it based on people you follow or content you engage with, base it on a collection of topics that you can "adjust the volume on" I.e. politics, entertainment, sports, and you can pick 1-5 in terms of how much you want to see

    8. Twitter Challenges

    Twitter can issue challenges whether in physical reality or via Twitter to help people do stuff.

    9. Twitter A/B/C List

    Twitter could have different colored check marks to categorize different levels of Twitter fame - probably too controversial to categorize "celebrity level" publicly

    10. "Twitter Bird Beta"

    A small blue bird shaped, blue tooth connected Twitter, voice activated device that lets you manipulate your Twitter account such as Tweeting or Engaging or other. Like Alexa or Siri

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