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10 under-rated skills that everyone should develop

What are the skills that we should all learn, either by our own experiences or others. These are skills which should help you throughout your entire life.

    1. How to learn

    For most people their education finishes once the graduate school, but with the vast abundance of information available you can literally learn anything you want, and in many cases for free. As new technologies emerge and opportunities arise, it will be those that know how to learn new things quickly, who will succeed.

    2. How to think critically

    With the abundance of information, and misinformation, out there, the ability to clearly think about what is being said, assess its relevance, its evidence, and to form our our opinion is needed probably now more than ever.

    3. How to sell

    Whether you like it or not, you are always selling. Every job you apply for, every email you send, every dating profile you create, every idea you have, every conversation you have, you are trying to sell something to someone. Get used it, and learn how to do it well.

    4. How to have an open mind

    Pick any topic, find a vocal supporter, and you will discover that in most cases they have only read literature or research that supports their view. It's not entirely their fault, as most of the Youtube and social media algorithmsre inforce their beliefs by only showing similar content. Instead, in order to fully understand an issue, you must have read both sides. And dont be afraid to change sides when something new comes up. Stop being so stubborn and open your mind.

    5. How to be tolerant

    I honestly believe tolerance is the key to world peace. You dont have to like or even agree with every custom, but if you are at least tolerant, you can get along. When I first started travelling overseas and was shocked at what I saw, the best piece of advice I was given, was "It's not wrong, just different". Something I try to remind myself of everyday.

    6. How to connect people together

    Learning how to introduce and connect others will produce magic. Try it for six months and see what happens.

    7. How to be still

    You order a coffee, your waiting two minutes for them to make it, what do you do? Pull our your phone I would be guessing. We have gotten so used to being constantly entertained the idea of having to be bored, or still for a few moments is agony. Try it next time you need to wait somewhere. Put the phone away, observe your surroundings. Practice being still.

    8. How to tell a story

    Stories have been the main way humans have learned for centuries. Everyone loves a good story, as evidenced by the large number of plays, books, songs, tv shows and movies produced every year. Combine this with selling skills and you will be unstoppable.

    9. How to listen

    Listening, not waiting for your turn to speak is such a valuable skill, it is a shame so few people know how to do it. Dont think about what you are going to say next. Listen intently, wait, think, then respond. No one wants to have a conversation with someone who is always interrupting.

    10. How to generate ideas

    The best way to having a good idea, is to have a lot of bad ones. Otherwise, why else would we all be here.

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