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10 unusual foods from different countries

Through one of my lists, @JamesAltucher learned about banana pizza in Sweden (what I failed to mention was that it's banana-curry pizza more specifically). It made me wonder about other unusual foods. I don't have a ton of experience with different foods, so I will mention some that I haven't tried.

I excluded Belgian ones when I realized that I could make a whole list with those. That will be for tomorrow.


    1. Banana curry pizza

    Really though.

    2. Guinea pig

    Peru. I hear it's a delicacy. Never tried it. They call it "cuy", which is funny if you speak French because it sounds like "couilles" which means "testicles".

    3. Reindeer pizza


    4. Poutine

    Canada. More specifically, Québec. Basically French fries with some sort of brown sauce and a specific type of cheese.

    5. Chicken mole

    Not pronounced like the English word. "Mole" is a Mexican sauce that includes, among other things, some chocolate.

    6. Steak tartare

    Basically raw meat with a raw egg. Common enough in France, very common in Belgium (often prepared a bit differently), can be found elsewhere as well.

    7. Francesinha

    Portugal. Basically an upgraded croque-monsieur with a tomato and beer sauce.

    8. Fermented shark


    9. Ayran

    Goes by different names. Basically liquid yogurt with water and salt. Not a fan. My Armenian friend loves it.

    10. Haggis

    I almost forgot about this one!!

    God, I used to love haggis. I probably heard about it from Craig Ferguson, tried it in Scotland, and then I used to buy the canned version once in a while from a British shop in Paris. I gotta get my hands on it again! I hear the vegetarian version is quite nice as well.

    "Haggis and chips" is also a thing.

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